Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Unfortunately Good Intentions Don't Amount to Much...

A Harris Poll study in June of 2007 had some remarkable findings when it comes to social responsibility amongst American citizens. The study suggests that around two-thirds of US adults have good intentions when it comes to social responsibility, but less than ten percent "practice what they preached."

Why is this? the report goes on to suggest an answer,
"Many surveys have documented the large number of people who do good work, volunteer their time or give money to their churches, charities and/or organizations that advocate for causes they care about. What this survey shows is that only small minorities do this aggressively, practicing what they preach. For the great majority, volunteering and charitable giving, or social responsibility, is a much more marginal activity."

There are many barriers to charitable giving - apathy, time, even disillusionment with the existing philanthropic model. That's why with the 1 Dollar Club, we are trying to simplify the process. We want to lower the barriers to becoming a microphilanthropist so that not just anyone can do it - but that everyone does. If you have any ideas for how we can make it easier for people to donate we'd love to hear your thoughts...


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