Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Era Of Giving...

There is an old business adage that has been recited since time immemorial, " to succeed in business, it's not what you know, but who you know." It is a cliche, but anyone that has been in any business can vouch for its accuracy.

At the 1 Dollar Club, we believe that that's true. And that the power of our social circles can be harnessed to create real change in the world. Today, it doesn't matter if you are Bill Gates, or the janitor - you have a social network of friends and acquaintances that can be harnessed for good. Whether we are aware of it or not our personal currency is derived largely from our social networks.

This idea was the genesis for the 1 Dollar Club - the fact that alone, we are limited in our power to effect change, but banded together, mobilized by a common cause, we are capable of creating lasting change. Change that is easily replicable and sustainable, not because it requires so many people to participate in the cause, but because it requires so little from each of them.

So come on, become a microphilanthropist today - join the wave of goodwill that is changing the way people think about charitable giving - you'll be glad you did!

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