Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just What is Microphilanthropy?

Wikipedia's definition is here. Here it is in a nutshell:

"Microphilanthropy is a model of philanthropy that is based on smaller, more direct interaction between "helpers" and "doers." Because of this finer level of granularity, it provides greater potential for feedback. It uses the definition of philanthropy as "love of humanity", which is broader than just charity or donating money. This opens up a broader range of activities such as volunteering, emergency response activities, mentoring, and many other patterns of uplift."

The phrase "love of humanity" is an apporpriate one here. Microphilanthropy is the fundamental belief that each of us cares for our fellow humans, that we are all neighbors on this planet and that by all contributing a little, we can create significant change.

Until now, we believe that microphilantropy's problem has been lack of focus. No doubt, people are aware of the problems that exist in the world, they just don't know where to begin solving them... By creating a simple and focused vehicle for microphilanthropy, the 1 dollar club is lowering barriers to charitable giving. It is our ultimate goal to make microphilanthropy mainstream.

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