Friday, February 6, 2009

Stephen Collins on Microphilanthropy

Australian social networking guru Stephen Collins at acidlabs has offered a great take on the value of microphilanthropy:

"At its simplest, the emergence of microphilanthropy - philanthropic activity on a scale of small amounts - has made engaging with online causes almost trivial. Those of us who are in a position to engage with a cause we believe in can now do so in a way that was previously only truly available to the very wealthy. Sheer weight of numbers - potentially hundreds or thousands giving a little - means that the gathering community can provide just as valuable input as a Buffett or a Gates, with each giving just tens or perhaps a few hundred dollars".

Furthermore, he also frames the greater movement of online activism giving as clustering around three broad drivers:
* advocacy - the raising of awareness for a cause
* activation - the prompting of and creation of activity around a cause in those interested, and
* action - the ongoing and followup activity in relation to a cause

As with everything else, the web is a great enabler for making charitable giving happen. The greater connectivity that we all enjoy today acts as a catalyst for making the trickle of our small contributions cascade into an unstoppable waterfall. It is microphilanthropy mavens like Collins and Peter Deitz that are playing leading roles in making microphilanthropy maintream.

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