Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Connected Are We?

Northeastern University scientist Albert-László Barabási's 2003 book Linked highlights the significance of intereconnectedness across a variety of fields. The widely admired Hungarian professor casts his net wide, capturing many real life examples for the way things intertwine. From science, to business and even our own social circles, Barabási weaves a compelling tale using great real world examples of interdependence and its various forms.

This really is the essence of the 1 Dollar Club. At the risk of sounding corny and sentimental, we all inhabit the same planet, and our ultimate well-being is dependent upon us living here together. The advent of social networks (especially Twitter) lowers any barriers to our interconnectedness than may have stood in the way in the past. As the distance between us shrinks, so grows our ability to harness our interconnectdness as a force for good. There really is no reason to stop everyone on earth from becoming a microphilanthropist.

So come on, become a microphilanthropist today - DONATE NOW.

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